Do you have the necessary intercultural competencies and insights to be able to negotiate, manage and cooperate in an international arena? For expats, international entrepreneurs and managers that are responsible for multicultural teams and projects and therefor need to understand cross-cultural communication.



Do you strive for strong teambuilding and efficient cooperation within your teams? Do you want your company values and goals to be widely held? For international business teams and teams that work cross-culturally.



Do you want to strengthen your position and brand recognition in foreign markets? Do you understand your target groups, their drivers and the power of effective cross-cultural communication? We offer you practical, efficient frameworks and relevant insights for long-term growth.


International business can unite the best of both worlds yet cooperating with foreign business partners and multicultural teams can also be challenging. Are you sufficiently prepared? Does your understanding surpass the regular do’s and don’ts?

The Culture Team gives you and your team insights into cultural differences encoutered in international business. We offer a theoretical framework and in-depth insights as well as practical tools for immediate use in cross-cultural communication. Our approach maximise international success in areas like management, team development and sales & marketing communication. It thereby prevents miscommunication and unnecessary loss of opportunities, funds and people in international business.

International business

Cross-cultural management
We offer basic programs and tailor-made options, based on your own international business practice. Our interactive approach is catered to:
o International managers and leaders
o International and cross-cultural teams
o Marketing, branding and cross cultural communication of local and international products and services

Our programs assists anybody that faces intercultural challenges in a working environment like expats, high and middle level management, support staff and entrepreneurs. We offer a transparent price structure for all our cross-cultural services